'Leganthropy' is a project residing under Mens Sana; a Belgian non-profit with legal personality. Any legal issues or queries should therefore be transmitted directly to e-mail address of that entity. Mens Sana reserves the right to terminate the operation at any point in time if it is deemed necessary or in case of legal requirement. The project 'Leganthropy' provides legal council and does not ensure success of the beneficiary thereafter. Mens Sana reserves the right to ask Participating universities to sign clauses of responsibility towards their students that the information that they have received during a Leganthropy case review will remain confidential and/or in the boundaries of agreement. Any indiscretion will be met with termination of the partnership with the university. It is therefore very important that the university enforces and informs the students of these risks. Leganthropy has as a principle aim to help undocumented refugees through council, but will in no way represent these in front of a court. Legathropy does not have the legal right to represent a client and will not at any time take it upon itself to do so. Mens Sana reserves the right to end any partnership abruptly with the recovery of any ongoing and past file exchanged with the university. Mens Sana Reserves the right to full recovery of the files after the termination of each case. Mens Sana reserves the right to the beneficiary to recall all her/his files on demand. The beneficiary is entitled to termination of the file review process at any time and will be grated this right instantly. Partnership agreements will be drafter by Mens Sana and should be abided to by the partner institution. In case of violation of that agreement, Mens Sana reserves the right to terminate the partnership abruptly. 

All rights reserved to Mens Sana (ASBL) 

Laurenzo Arke 

Managing Director

Mens Sana

Sydney Stewart 

Managing Director


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For more information, contact us at legal.leganthropy@gmail.com