About Us

Our Vision

We envision a world where no woman, man or child can be considered 'stateless'. We envision a world where fair legal treatment of refugees is a priority. We envision a world where every refugee has the right to start over and can find safe harbour in a place they may someday call home.

Who we are

At Leganthropy, we aim to build a world-wide academic peer-2-peer network that aims at giving legal council to those who have not been given that opportunity. Our main focus lies on refugees and the pilot project is geared towards that population. The dual purpose of Leganthropy is also to provide experiential education to law students. By creating a network of academic partners and empowering the student body, we will create mutual beneficial change; not only in the life of the refugee, but also that of the student.

Our story 

 In June 2019, a preliminary mission was organised in Cameroon, Brazzaville and the RDC by the non-profit 'Mens Sana' and its partner 'Well-being for All'Part of the mission in Brazzaville was geared towards finding solutions and providing relief to the 'forgotten communities' locally. This is where the idea was born. Our story, more particularly, started with a two-page document; a document that was handed over by a brave woman that gave her testimony (among many) during the preliminary mission. This document was representative of the situation that many face today; that of statelessness. This sad reality is a very prominent problem in these different refugee communities. The testimony was what our colleagues described as ' truly heart-wrenching' and the official document that was laid before them following that testimony was described as 'unbelievable and indignant'. One document was all it took for us to realise there was a gap in the humanitarian help that these brave men and women want and desserve. One document, one testimony; that will hopefully change the lives of many in the months and years to come .

© Mens Sana

© Mens Sana