At Legantropy, we aim to build a world-wide academic peer-2-peer network that aims at giving legal council to those who have not been given that opportunity. 


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Discover our pilot project

The story started among 'The forgotten communities of Brazzaville'. Find out how a series of events have led to the creation of our initiative.

Our Story

The aim of the pilot project is to give legal assistance to people that have not been given the refugee status, but have reasonable ground to receive it. The pilot will be among the 'forgotten communities' of Congo Brazzaville; where communities of the RDC, Angola, Central African republic, Chad, Burundi and Rwanda reside. 

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Our  200 mark 

Our first objective we set ourselves is to handle 200 cases. We take it upon ourselves to work towards this goal with the hope to impact the lives of these 200 people. We are in the business of changing people's lives and impacting them for the better. This is why will try and report in the most transparent way what our direct impact has been. 

Meet our Partners

We are proud to work with leading universities in the world. Their dedication and professionalism helps impact the lives of refugees every day; one case at a time.  

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 "Refugee and forced migration flows are not a new phenomena, but it’s time for a 21st century solution."

Sydney Stewart 

Managing Director of Legathropy

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